New Features

Server Side Script

Syntax highlighting Syntax highlighting for PHP.

JavaScript Formatter

JavaScript Formatter JavaScript formatter for code pretty.

An new way to handle JavaScript library

ExtJS support JavaScript Profile now support ExtJS, jQuery and YUI. This demo shows how to using these JavaScript library in Spket IDE.

Code completion for ThirdParty plugins

Code completion JavaScript code completion for ThirdParty plugins via Alt + Shift + /.

Profile Explorer

Screen shots





DND support

You can drag the node in components viewer to editor, see a Flash demo.

JavaScript Editor

Code completion

Code completion Completion works fine for both user defined and built-in JavaScript functions.

Code completion for XPCOM Completion for XPCOM components.

Code folding

Code folding The code folding feature make your code more clear to read and understand.

Smart typing

Smart typing Automatic brace and quote matching...

Open declaration

Open declaration Open declaration lets you browse through the functions, variables declared in your JavaScript code use the Ctrl + Click combination.

Content outline

Content outline The content outline view lets you examine the logicl structure of your JavaScript code. It lists all method and variable declarations in their scope.