Laszlo Editor

Toggle Mark Occurrences

Mark OccurrencesToggle Mark Occurrences for embed JavaScript, method name, method arguments, class name and extends attribute.

Code completion

Code completionCode completion for Custom Components.

Code completionCode completion for Attribute.

Code completionCode completion for JavaScript.

Code completionCode completion for event, constraints.

Auto includeAutomatic add include statement, including:

Quick outline

Quick outline Quick outline via Ctrl+O allows you to quickly navigate and inspect your LZX code.

Quick Hierarchy

Quick hierarchy Quick hierarchy via Ctrl+T allows you inspect hierarchy of your LZX class.

Open declaration

Open declaration Open declaration lets you browse through the functions, variables declared in your JavaScript code use the Ctrl + Click combination.

Profile Explorer

Profile Explorer Profile Explorer show the hierarchy of components and how they're related.


The documentation view for Laszlo, screenshot