Spket IDE 1.6.23


Java 1.4.2 or higher, download form java.com


Spket IDE is free for non-commercial use. for commercial use, you need buy a license


File Ver Size Notes
Plugin(Platform Independent)
Plugin 1.6.23 5.62 MB Minimum Requirements: Eclipse Platform Runtime Binary 3.2.x, download form Eclipse.org
RCP(Win32 and Linux GTK x86)
Spket IDE 1.6.23 11.3 MB You need Java 1.5 or higher to run the installer
Update Site
Update Site 1.6.23 - For further information on how to use the UpdateManager, please consult the documentation inside Eclipse
Archived Update Site 1.6.23 5.72 MB -


To launch the installer, use: java -jar spket-1.6.23.jar