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Quick Start

You can download Spket IDE here.

Basic tutorial

Create a Laszlo Project

From the workbench window, click File -> New -> Project.... When dialog open, choose Laszlo Project, click "next >" button to start the New Java Project wizard:
Project Wizard
Input project name, click Finish.


Spket IDE includes components souce of Laszlo-3.1cr3, you don't need setup Laszlo options if you intend to develop with that version, just leave it empty.

Create a Laszlo XML file

In the Navigater view, select the project you created, select New > Laszlo XML file from the project's context menu, input file name, click Next, you can choose template:
Project Wizard


The following demos are created use Wink

Use XML variables in the templates

This demo show you how to use XML variables in the templates.

Use IDE4Laszlo at same time

This demo show you how to use IDE4Laszlo and Spket IDE at same time.

Use new version OpenLaszlo

This demo show you how to setup Spket IDE to use new version OpenLaszlo.